Aquamax 250 Litre Electric Hot Water System Supplied & Installed

$949.00$1,999.00 inc GST

Aquamax 250 Litre Hot Water System –  Sunshine Coast & Brisbane

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Trend Plumbing & Home Solutions are the leading plumbing & hot water experts offering swift supply and install packages for an Aquamax 250 Litre Hot Water System

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Aquamax 250L Hot water system


Aquamax 250 Litre Hot Water System Features:

 Why are we a better option than others?

  • We have been servicing the Sunshine Coast since 1988 and have installed our fair share of hot water systems
  • Full transparency of pricing and inclusions – Don’t get sucked in by cheap prices and cheaper promises. We outline our basic install price and inclusions, if there are variations we will ALWAYS have the discussion before proceeding.
  • We submit Form 4s to the council and email it to you upon receival of final payment, Always ask for your Form 4! This is a way that the local council enforces quality of plumbing professionals. Plumbers that don’t submit Form 4s are not doing their installation by the Australian Standard. 
  • We remove rubbish associated with the install, including the old hot water system
  • Our delivery partners and suppliers are always respectful and call before dropping off your delivery

What is a Plumbing Form 4?

As per the QBCC “A Form 4 is a notice to the QBCC that notifiable work has been performed at a property. The Form 4 contains information about who performed the work, what work was performed and the address where the work was undertaken.”


What is included in the Aquamax hot water Valve Kit?

1x 15mm Non-Return Isolating Valve (AVG or RMC Brand)

1x 15mm Tempering Valve (AVG or RMC Brand)
1x 15mm Pressure Reduction Valve (AVG or RMC Brand)
1x 15mm Expansion Control Valve (AVG or RMC Brand)
1x Valve Lagging Kit

Valve kit

What is a ‘standard’ install?

  • Supply new hot water system – Normally day prior to installation
  • Isolate water service and disconnect existing hot water system
  • Electrical disconnect & reconnect (only)
  • Install new Valves (if selected)
  • Position new hot water system on existing base and connect to existing water service
  • Run PTR & ECV Drain lines in accordance to Australian Standards
  • Lag copper pipework and secure according to AS3500
  • Disposal of existing hot water system & rubbish
  • Submit Form 4 to local Council

Please note:

– If further work outside this scope is required, additional costs will be chargeable to the customer at the discretion of the attending technician(s)
– Hot water system must be on a stable base elevated above the finished ground to prevent pooling of water around the hot water unit, supply of a base will incur additional costs
– If drain lines are required to be extended or non-complaint, additional costs will incur
– If the hot water system needs to be relocated, additional costs will incur
– If extra valves require replacing, additional costs will incur – This is at the discretion of the attending plumber
– If the electrical circuit, RCD or other components need to be upgraded or replaced to be compliant, additional costs will incur

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  • 1395mm High X 640mm Diameter

Aquamax 250 Litre Hot water system